Scotland V Ireland

Scotland were in fine form for the first 40 mins. They really fronted up and were winning in the contact areas with some huge hits going in. 

Stuart Hogg scored first after 9 minutes of play after a period of sustained Scotish pressure. Hogg went over again in the 21th minute after selling Ringrose with a dummy. 

Earls went on to score for Ireland in the corner in the 26th minute.

Scotland used a clever lineout move where Grieg Laidlaw and Dunbar were included. The ball zipped to Dunbar and he went over for a try. 

The score at half time was 21-8 to Scotland after a penalty in the 34th minute from Jackson. 

Up to this point, Ireland was stand-offish both in attack and defence. They failed to get fast ball and were being dominated in the tackle area. Ireland was dominating scrum and possession stats but failed to utilise this in the first half. 

In the second half, the Ireland we know came out. This lead to a try in the 48th minute by Henderson. Henderson used his size to bust through the Scotish fridge defence and score. 

Connor Murray put Jackson through with a super flat pass and Jackson converted his own try to put Ireland ahead for the first time in the game with 17 minutes remaining. 

However, Ireland gave away a penalty in the 73rd minute which Laidlaw converted to give them the lead again.

Finally, in the 80th Minute Ireland gave away another penalty and Laidlaw kicked a conversion to end the match. Finally Score 27-22 to Scotland, Man of the Match Stuart Hogg. 

What Scotland did really well was dominate the tackle areas. These consistent big hits stopped Ireland from getting and fast ball. Their defence, especially in the first half, was phenomenal. Ireland were standing very far back and not bringing the ball past the game line.

Ireland came back in the second half, but it was not enough to stop the deficit that had already been created.

Scotland should have potentially gone for a 4th try instead of kicking for goal due to the new bonus point system. 

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