England Steal a Victory in Wales

This was a game to remember. A quality crowd spurring both teams on. England and Wales both had sustained pressure at times, but it was England that was able to come away with points from these areas; showing their winning spirit.

Youngs dotted the ball over the line first after an extraordinary amount of phases from England. Rhys Webb tried to copy this, probably trying to show he was just as good as his fellow Lions hopeful, however, was stopped short by Elliot Daly.

Liam Williams scored a great try for Wales straight off the training pitch. It seems that England were too easily sold by something that in fact is quite simple, but Williams timed his run perfectly and they had no chance. 

Then a series of Welsh mistakes followed. They gave England a penalty in the 71st minute allowing them the option to kick to the corner or let Farrell slot a kick. They went with the later, in a brave move, and this brought the scores to 16-14 to Wales.

Then after some more sustained pressure from England, Liam Williams (dubiously, as it seemed as though he was on the floor) turned the ball over. 

Wales panicked. Gareth Davies should have taken control and boxed kicked the ball out of the field of play. Wales had about 11 players of the game on the floor the ball needed to go out. Instead, the ball was passed back 15m to Jonathan Davies who kept the ball in play but more importantly gave the ball to Ford.

Ford saw the space and gave the ball to Farrell. Farrell then ran at Jamie Robers left shoulder taking him out of the game, and threw an amazing perfectly weighted pass to Daly, who pinned back his ears and ran. Cuthbert has had a lot of stick about being too narrow on his defence, but he had to be as so many people were out of the game. Daly skinned Cuthbert and scored the try in the corner to win the game in the 76th minute. Farrell slotted the conversion and the game finished 16-21 to England.

Talking Points
Lawes and Launchbury: both players, played out of their skins. Launchbury took the man of the match award, because he was just everywhere, same with Lawes who was phenomenal in a strong England defence.

Terrible Subs: Ross Moriarty was playing the game of his life he was everywhere. However, Rob Howley had some Lancaster like subs and took him off. The question has to be asked would Rhys Webb have cleared his lines instead of passing it so far back.

Winning Mentality: England doesn’t seem to be able to lose at the moment even when they’re up against it. They have found a way to win.  


    Try: Youngs (18′), Daly (76′)
    Conversion: Farrell (78′)
    Penalty: Farrell (11′), (56′), (71′)
    Try: L Willaims (38′)
    Conversion: Halfpenny (39′)
    Penalty: Halfpenny (3′), (23′), (61′)

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