6 things we learnt from the Rugby World Cup Draw

1. Group C is hard.
This will be a gruelling group. England will have a tough time up against France and Argentina. Even if they manage to win, they will surely be battered by the huge players from France, the team from Oceana 2 (probably Tonga or Samoa), and potentially Canada.

2. Group D is also hard.
With the likes of Georgia, Wales, Australia, probably Fiji, and the U.S. or Canada this will be a real competition for the 2 places available. Georgia has been improving year on year it will be a chance for them to show what they can do. Wales will be looking to come out of the group top, trying top two-time Rugby world cup champions Australia. Wales will probably have quite a new look about them with the old guard retiring and moving on; anything could happen! 

Fiji will provide a unique challenge. They are fast, tough, and have improved over the years. In recent times Wales has had troubles containing the flying Fijians, with a tough game in 2015, and a defeat to them in 2007.

This is probably going to be the group to watch. 

3. This year’s tests games will be an indicator.

With Wales playing Georgia and England playing Argentina, this year should provide an early indicator of what we can expect at the world cup in 2019.

4. Ireland and Scotland are set to showdown.

Although it’s their World Cup and they beat South Africa, a repeat performance is probably unlikely for Japan. This would leave Ireland and Scotland to battle it out for the first and second place. 2nd place in group A will have to play the winner of group B, which three times champions New Zealand will surely top.

5. New Zealand’s group isn’t that hard.

New Zealand probably has the easiest of groups. This will be especially true if South Africa doesn’t get its act together. However, this could work against New Zealand by not offering them a proper test before entering into the knockout stages. 

If Connor O’Shea is able to put in place fundamentals for Italy, they could find themselves in the 2nd place position.

6. It’s way too early to do the World Cup Draw.

The draw should be undertaken when all the teams have qualified. It means that, although they probably won’t, teams can opt to lose a game in order to place in a better group. 

The groups are as follows:

Group A
Group B
Group C
Group D
Band 1
New Zealand
Band 2
South Africa
Band 3
Band 4
Europe 1
Africa 1
Americas 1
Oceania 1
Band 5
Play-off winner
Repechage Winner
Oceania 2
Americas 2

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